Representing a Tenant or Buyer requires more knowledge than just knowing what is currently available in the market.  It is important to have the experience to assist the client in translating their business plan into an effective facility plan.  The team of professionals at JSC has the experience to assist their clients in asking the right questions and making the best real estate deal.  Some of the important issues to consider are as follows:
  • Evaluate Current Facility:  Careful evaluation of your current facility, understanding process flow and/or office layout criteria, and quantifying your utility and growth needs, leads to locating a more accurate and responsive facility.

  • Determine Financial Goals:  There are many financial issues that are a part of any major facility decision.  While these issues are best evaluated by your own financial group, providing correct numbers and assisting in the review from a real estate and facility perspective will improve the accuracy of the financial decision.

  • Identify Location Parameters:  Determining the best location can be the most difficult part of any facility decision.  There are emotional factors, objective considerations such as demographics, and traffic considerations for both employees and freight.  Blending these factors with our knowledge of the real estate market is important in making the best deal.

  • Conduct Research/Property Tour:  JSC can quickly apply the search criteria to a database of available properties and locate the facilities that have the best opportunity of meeting the client’s needs.  This leads to an effective use of the client’s time, as well as creates the confidence that the client’s needs are being addressed and facility goals are obtainable.

  • Analyze the Alternatives:  There are many variables to evaluate when trying to make the right real estate decision.  Some can be evaluated in dollars, while others require a subjective evaluation.  Our goal is to provide an “apple to apple” comparison, to the extent possible, to assist in making the best decision.

  • Make the Deal:  There is no substitute for experience when it comes to “making the deal.”  JSC professionals have closed over 1,250 transactions in the last several years.

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