With a 15-year track record in assisting their clients in the development of office and industrial facilities, JSC has the expertise to meet the clientís needs and manage the development process by delivering the project on time and within budget.

Knowledge of the market and knowledge of a tenantís facility needs are critical in building a marketable facility. Site selection, site utilization, construction cost, municipal codes/zoning, clear height and truck courts for industrial facilities are just some of the important development criteria that will make the project a success.

  • Site Selection:  Knowledge of the market is very important in finding the best location for any investment property.  Current and projected vacancy rates, lease rates, along with projected demand, are important factors in determining the best location.

  • Site Utilization:  Matching the building criteria with the site dimension is an important part in determining whether the site is a good investment.

  • Construction Cost:  Keeping pace with the current knowledge of the cost of construction is another factor in making a good development and investment decision.

  • Municipal Codes/Zoning:  The local zoning and municipal construction codes can make or break a development.  This not only affects the time of construction but also affects the type of businesses that can be a part of the development.

  • Building Criteria:  Designing the right facility is critical to the success of the development.

    • For industrial developments it is important to keep up with the changing demands on such things as truck courts, clear height, environmental issues, utility needs, fire sprinkler requirements, operating efficiencies, and office design criteria.

    • For office developments, parking ratios, operating efficiencies, tenant amenities, optimum floor size, and communication design criteria are just a few factors that influence the success of an office development.

  • Construction Management:  Delivering the project on time and within budget is necessary to ensure a successful investment.  For more information on Construction Management, click on this link.

  • Project Leasing:  The final phase in ensuring a successful investment is creating innovative marketing strategies and making the deals. For more information on Project Leasing click on this link.

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