JSC is dedicated to providing comprehensive and responsive property management services to its clients.  Our full-service, hands-on approach to property management draws on the expertise of our staff of real estate and accounting professionals.  Our property management service provides our clients the confidence that their real estate investment is well-managed and their return is maximized.  How do we meet these objectives?

  • Assess Current Condition:  The first step in managing a property is to assess the current condition.  As investors acquire properties, JSC Realty & Investment can assist in providing the due-diligence necessary to determine any deferred maintenance and the cost necessary to bring the property up to marketable standards.

  • Evaluate and Prepare Operating Budgets:  Today’s owners rely on accurate financial information to judge the performance of their real estate investment.  JSC uses the latest financial software including MRI for Windows, Yardi, and Kardin.  Annual and monthly operating budgets, along with financial reports, are essential parts of providing reliable and confident property management services.

  • Maintain Tenant Relationships:  Tenants who have the confidence that their property will be properly maintained is important in maintaining the overall occupancy of the real estate investment.  Tenants are more likely to renew their lease when property management companies quickly respond to their needs and keep operating cost competitive.

  • Manage Adverse Situations:  Occasionally property management companies are required to handle adverse tenant situations.  The successful collection of past due rent takes persistence along with compassion and understanding.  JSC has the expertise to work with tenants and owners to reach amicable solutions to difficult business problems.

  • Respond to Emergencies:  The performance of a property management company is sometimes judged on how it responds to emergencies.  JSC Realty & Investment Services takes pride in maintaining the resources to quickly respond to building emergencies.  Our building engineers along with our experienced pre-qualified contractors, are equipped to make necessary repairs.
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